Carnegie United Methodist Church

Carnegie is full of impressive churches in a wide variety of styles. This one is in a heavy Romanesque style, and the bell tower (now festooned with loudspeakers) is appropriately impressive and weighty.

Attawheed Islamic Center, Carnegie

This old Romanesque church is beautifully kept up as the Attawheed Islamic Center, occupying one of the most prominent corners in the borough of Carnegie. Though the architecture is Romanesque, the tower and steeple seem uncharacteristically light for the style; old Pa Pitt always comes away with the impression that this is a Gothic building, and only seeing the rounded arches in the photograph corrects his faulty memory.

Thos. E. Morgan Sign, Main Street, Carnegie

Thomas E. Morgan, a Civil War veteran, was a big deal in Carnegie, a member of the local Grand Army of the Republic post, on the board of a local bank, and proprietor of a general store.

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St. Peter & St. Paul Ukrainian Orthodix Church, Carnegie

There are two Ukrainian churches in Carnegie. The Catholic one is an enlarged Quonset hut. This one is a mid-twentieth-century interpretation of traditional Ukrainian architecture. Together with its next-door neighbor, the Russian Orthodox church, it makes this corner of Carnegie look exotically East European.

The effect is even more curious when the distinctively Ukrainian domes are seen through a distinctively American maze of utility cables.