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Apartment Buildings on Academy Avenue

140 Academy Avenue

Academy Avenue in Mount Lebanon has a mixture of single-family homes and small to medium-sized apartment buildings. We have seen some of the apartment buildings before; here are a few more.

44 Academy Avenue

We saw the building above once before; here it is in a different light at a different time of year. The architect was probably Charles Geisler, and buildings in variations of this same basic plan are all over Mount Lebanon and Dormont.

36 and 34 Academy Avenue

This is a tidy double duplex in very close to original condition. The little details make all the difference in its appearance: the tile roof overhangs, the proper windows for the era, and the little German-art-magazine ornaments in the brickwork.

28 Academy Avenue

Cameras: Nikon COOLPIX P100, Kodak EasyShare Z1285.

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