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Buena Vista Street, Mexican War Streets

East Side of Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street is typical of the Mexican War Streets, which are themselves typical of many neighborhoods in the old city of Allegheny, though better preserved than most of the others. There are elegant middle-class rowhouses, churches, small shops, and small apartment buildings, all mixed side by side, as neighborhoods tended to develop in the age before zoning laws.

1510 Buena Vista Street
1518 Buena Vista Street
Rowhouses in the Mexican War Streets
Apartment building on Buena Vista Street
Nikon COOLPIX P100.

This small apartment building had its balconies filled in to make sunrooms early in its history, probably in the 1920s or thereabouts.

Sony Alpha 3000 with 7Artisans 35mm f/1.4 lens.

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