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Why should the beautiful die?

The North Side of Rocklynn Place, Mount Lebanon

37 Rocklynn Place
Samsung Digimax V4.

The southern side of Rocklynn Place (originally Rockwood Avenue) was part of the St. Clair Terrace plan. The northern side was sold off as individual lots a little bit later in the 1920s, and some splendid houses went up, some of which we see here. The pictures were taken with two different cameras, one of which was set to monochrome just because it makes one think of the picture differently to know that color will not be a factor.

37 Rocklynn Place
Kodak EasyShare Z1285.
27 Rocklynn Place
25 Rocklynn Place
33 Rocklynn Place
33 Rocklynn Place
45 Rocklynn Place
49 Rocklynn Place

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