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The Peoples Building, McKeesport

Peoples Building

The richly detailed Peoples Building deserves owners and tenants who will love it, and we hope it can find them. It has at least been stabilized by its current owner, and it looks like an attractive place to have an office.

Walnut Street entrance

These entrances want clocks, but the elegance of the gleaming white stone is unimpaired.

Roof ornament

This classical roof ornament was clearly meant to be right in the middle of the Fifth Avenue side, but it appears that the building was expanded by two more bays not long after it was built.

The McKeesport Community Newsroom site gives us A Peek Inside the Peoples Building, showing us a wonderful time capsule that it would almost be a shame to disturb. If old Pa Pitt were a billionaire, he would buy the building, preserve all the contents as they are, and call it a museum, and then not care whether anyone actually paid the 50¢ admission fee, because he would be a billionaire.

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  1. Can I get an opportunity to see inside the bank building? My mother in law was Lydia Hale

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