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Some Recent Cemetery Pictures

Louis Knoepp Monument

Louis Knoepp monument, St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Mount Oliver.

In honor of All Hallows’ Eve, a few pictures from Father Pitt’s recent expeditions to cemeteries. Many more similar pictures can be found at Pittsburgh Cemeteries, the site devoted to the art and architecture of death.


Receiving vault (now the Columbarium), Union Dale Cemetery.

Hemphill mausoleum

Hemphill mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery.

Rook monument

Rook monument, Allegheny Cemetery.

Rudel obelisk

Rudel obelisk, St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Mount Oliver.

Vallowe angel
Aull-Martin monument, Homewood Cemetery

Aull-Martin monument, Homewood Cemetery.

Fall landscape, St. Paul’s Cemetery

Fall Landscape, St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Mount Oliver.

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