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Chimney Pots of the South Side

Chimney pots

You probably thought old Pa Pitt had reached the frozen limit of esoteric obsession when he brought you large collections of breezeways. You were mistaken. With the long lens on his Fuji HS10 camera, he is able to pick out clear pictures of chimney pots, and he has always been fascinated by chimney pots. They are still found on some of the oldest houses in the neighborhood, and they come in a wonderful variety of shapes and decorations. Expect to see many more pictures of chimney pots, but these are a good start.

More chimney pots
These are also chimney pots
You probably guessed that these were chimney pots, too
Would you believe us if we told you these were chimney pots?
At least this picture has a satellite dish for variety, but, yeah, more chimney pots
Oh, look! Chimney pots!
George Washington Carver playing a xylophone. Just kidding! More chimney pots.

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