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Power House for the Mount Oliver Incline

Mount Oliver Incline power house

Most Pittsburghers with an interest in local history know that there were many inclines operating in the city a hundred years ago. Few know that part of the Mount Oliver Incline is still here. The incline itself closed in 1951, and the stations are gone, but the power house, which was across Warrington Avenue from the upper station, still stands. It has been converted into a shop for a heating and air-conditioning contractor.

Mount Oliver Street side
Warrington Avenue end


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2 responses to “Power House for the Mount Oliver Incline”

  1. Me and my Friends Love Trains, Trolleys, Subways, and Inclines.

    This Building reminds me of the Trolley Barns at South Hills Junction. All of those buildings are gone.

    The doors to this building had to be HUGE to bring all the Power Equipment to the Incline!

    Little was Not the thing back then. Turbines, Generators, Massive Gears were all a part of how to get Incline Cars up and down the hillsides.

    Amazing this Building is still with us!

    Thank you for Finding this Amazing Piece of Pittsburgh History!

    I wish the Inclines were still here. I grew up with the Mt. Washington Incline and Duquesne Incline. Duquesne is my Fave! I go there to watch CSX Trains by the Mon River and Norfolk Southern on the Mt. Washington side.

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