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Samson Dealer, Oakland

Sampson Motors dealer

Continuing our visits to car dealers of the past, we come to the Samson dealer. At least it seems to be a Samson dealer, although it could also be a Sampson dealer. Our 1923 map shows it as “Samson [sic] Motor Co.,’ but these maps are prone to slight misspellings. On the other hand, Sampson was a very rare brand of car, and this seems like a fairly grand dealer to be built for a rare marque. On the third hand, Samson was a brand of tractors and trucks in the early 1920s, and this looks like a rather classy building for a dealer in farm implements. At any rate, it was a motor-vehicle dealer of some sort. More recently it was a gallery of some sort, and now it is decaying, although part of the building appears to be still in use.

The front is a feast of terra-cotta details.

Service entrance]

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One response to “Samson Dealer, Oakland”

  1. This was a gallery for comic book style art and artifacts for some time. at one point events were also held here (around he same time). Now this is extra storage for the Porsche & BMW dealers. What I find more interesting is the Porsche dealer that at one point was the Grafiti Venue and the old A & A law office across the street with the vaulted door.

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