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Two Species of Stanhopea in Phipps Conservatory

Stanhopea wardii
Stanhopea wardii

Stanhopea is a genus of orchids with remarkably complex flowers whose intricate mechanics make the pollinator bees go through an amusement-park ride to get the nectar they want, and incidentally pollinate the flower. The flowers hang down from the bottom of the plant, so in conservatories Stanhopea species are usually grown in hanging baskets. Above: Stanhopea ruckeri.

[Updated update: The tag identified the plant as Stanhopea wardii, but a Wikimedia Commons user identified the photos above as S. ruckeri and renamed the files, which made the pictures disappear from this page. They have been restored under their new file names. The user who changed them was kind enough to correspond with Father Pitt, noting that he had submitted the pictures to a leading orchid taxonomist who is an expert on Stanhopea. Phipps orchid tags are sometimes wrong, since the collection is huge and has been growing since 1892, so old Pa Pitt is inclined to believe the Stanhopea expert. But you should know, if you care, that there is some doubt.]

Below: an unidentified species of Stanhopea (marked “Stanhopea species” on the tag).

Stanhopea species
Stanhopea species

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