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Duquesne Brewing Co. Building, South Side

The Duquesne Brewing Company produced what used to be Pittsburgh’s favorite beer. This old building has had a hard life since the brewery closed; it was taken over by artist squatters for a while, who probably kept it from falling to pieces, but the city has no tolerance for poor squatters who claim buildings that could be redeveloped by rich people. The various attempts at redevelopment seem to get only so far, however. Right now it seems to be in the middle of one of those attempts, and for the building’s sake we may hope that this one succeeds.

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  1. I too hope it succeeds in being redeveloped. I’m currently involved with Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern Friends Trust, Inc. in trying the same thing in the West End of the city with the 1782 Old Stone Tavern.
    Making a spirited attempt to keep it alive. It has thus far been spared the wrecking ball and was unanimously declared an historic structure by Pittsburgh city council back in 2009. Wish us luck.

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