Hoffstot Building and Neighbor, Liberty Avenue

The Hoffstot Building (left) and its neighbor at 813 Liberty Avenue both have the large windows that indicate workshops of some sort on the upper floors. No. 813 has grown some curious postmodern excrescences at the top and an industrial-looking awning at ground level. It also preserves the left edge of a demolished building, now replaced by a one-story shop, that must have been interestingly ornamental.

3 thoughts on “Hoffstot Building and Neighbor, Liberty Avenue

  1. There’s something poetic in “Fragile Paradise Florist” having gone out of business.

    Now, I’m wondering if there is any statistically significant difference in the performance of startup businesses with names that are either optimistic or wistfully melancholy.

      1. “The Far Southern Suburbs” is about the nicest thing that anyone has said about Greater Washington in quite a while. I once heard it less exotically described as “The tip of Pittsburgh’s southernmost tentacle.” That said, ‘Palazzo 1837’ (next door to the florist’s new location) is quite good.

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