McCune Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery


This extraordinarily tasteful Renaissance octagon (built in 1925) is so unusual that Father Pitt suspects it may be based on a historical model. He would be delighted if one of his readers could find the original and point it out to him. John Robison McCune III was a banker, head of one of the biggest banks in the city (Union National, which after being devoured by Integra and National City is now part of PNC).



The interior is as elegant as the exterior. McCune took nothing of his private life with him to the grave—no Masonic or even religious symbols. His mausoleum, including the exceptionally fine window, is dedicated solely to beauty.


One thought on “McCune Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery

  1. A very placid scene, devoid of iconography of the deceased interred there. I like, that you like, my ancestors’ mausoleum. It was commissioned by Mrs. John R. McCune III, a few years after the sudden, and shocking death by heart attack of John McCune III, father of her 5 children, and love of her life. For her, it was never the same after that. She followed him in ’56, their only daughter in ’63, and their four sons from ’72 thru ’79. The eldest died last, Charles L. McCune, 1895-1979. They are all interred with their parents, inside.
    The Lockhart Mausoleum, discussed next on this blog, and located across the road from this, contains Mrs. McCune’s parents, as her maiden name was Janet Lockhart.

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