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Ground Cherry

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Ground cherries grow almost wherever there is ground. We have two species in the area; both produce edible fruit inside their little Japanese lanterns, although it’s not usually much good until a week or two after it falls off the plant. (The papery lantern is toxic, so don’t eat it.) These pictures are of Physalis pubescens.

The flowers face downward and so are easily missed, but they’re worth examining closer. The color is primrose yellow with mahogany splotches around the center. They look like little Tiffany lanpshades, almost always held wide open and parallel to the ground.


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  1. Dear Dr. Boli, we are finishing a Solanaceae species survey in our country (Maranhão state – Brazil), and we could not find the specie Physalis pubescens but we have one old dry exemplar colected in our herbarium (in bad conditions). I like to know if I could use your photograph of P. pubescens in our publication (of course with autor citation). Thank you, Nivaldo Figueiredo

    • Yes, permission is granted.

      It might be useful for Father Pitt to have a stated policy for picture use. Here it is: All original photographs on this site may be republished on any noncommercial Web site or in any nonprofit print publication. You don’t even have to ask. (Author credit to “Christopher Bailey” is nice, but not necessary. Worrying about particular conditions is just too much effort..) For other uses, leave a comment on the article where the photograph appears.

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