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  • Bandstand in West End Park

    Old Pa Pitt is very fond of West End Park. Given a small and implausibly vertical site, the designers created a delightful neighborhood oasis, with distinguished landscape design, art, and architecture, while at the same time leaving enough woodland for a pleasant nature walk through the forest. This splendid bandstand was designed by architect Thomas Scott. All it needs is a band, instead of the big institutional picnic table that occupies it now.

    [NOTE: In an earlier version of this article Father Pitt, relying on someone else’s information, identified the architect of the bandstand as William R. Perry, who also designed the Catholic church of St. Bernard in Mount Lebanon. Perry designed other elements in the park, including the architectural parts of the war memorial, but Thomas Scott designed the bandstand.]

  • Urban Archaeology

    Mysteries abound in a city when it’s had two and a half centuries to accumulate them. This old foundation in West End Park  has obviously been here for a while. How old is it? The land for the park was bought in 1875; was this a little farmhouse from before that time? Father Pitt would be happy to hear from anyone who knows more about the history of this structure.