Waterfall and Mossy Rock

Rendered with only the moss in natural color and the rest in black and white, because you can do that with image-manipulation software.

Waterfall, Mount Washington

This lovely waterfall plunges down the hill right beside Woodruff Street on Mount Washington. It’s nearly invisible until you’re almost right beside it, and many drivers probably never notice it.

Along the Tom the Tinker Trail

The Tom the Tinker Trail runs beside a gurgling stream through a narrow valley in the Kane Woods Nature Area. The trail is named for a fictional character in the Whiskey Rebellion: farmers who paid the whiskey tax would receive threatening notes signed “Tom the Tinker.”

Yes, there is a manhole cover in the middle of this idyllic scene. A sewer line runs down the hill through the stream valley.

All through the woods we can see evidence that there was once a little community tucked into this narrow valley. Above, a ruined foundation clings to the side of the gorge.

Waterfalls in the Autumn Woods

Along the Tom the Tinker Trail in the Kane Woods Nature Area.