Trolleys Passing in Castle Shannon

A southbound Siemens trolley and a northbound CAF trolley cross Castle Shannon Boulevard in the middle of Castle Shannon.

Crossing the Monongahela in a Trolley

From Station Square across the river into the subway tunnel. You can also download a full-resolution version from the Wikimedia Commons file page.

Reflections in the Seldom Seen Arch

Hypnotic patterns of sunlight reflected from the pool in Saw Mill Run on the bricks of the Seldom Seen Arch. Since does not allow embedding videos from Wikimedia Commons, you’ll have to go to the Wikimedia Commons hosting page to see the video in glorious HD-ish.

Saw Mill Run, the Movie

Another video of Saw Mill Run in action. Since won’t embed Wikimedia videos, you can go to the hosting page on Wikimedia Commons for the HD version.

Daffodils in the Snow: The Movie Version

If you were waiting for the movie, here it is. You can go to the Wikimedia Commons hosting page for the HD version.