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  • Three Rivers Arts Festival on the Rachel Carson Bridge

    Artists’ Market booths on the Rachel Carson Bridge
    Fujifilm FinePix HS10.

    This year the Artists’ Market has spread from Fort Duquesne Boulevard all the way along the Rachel Carson or Ninth Street Bridge. The extra room makes the festival feel even more open and inviting.

  • Three Rivers Arts Festival

    This year the Artists’ Market was moved to Fort Duquesne Boulevard, which felt much less claustrophobic than last year’s location on Penn Avenue. To judge by the crowds, it was a big success.

  • Squonk Performs Hand to Hand

    Squonk performing Hand to Hand
    Hand to Hand

    Thirty years ago, Squonk Opera was a struggling alternative band performing in the standard struggling-local-band venues. But at some point early on, the group discovered that they could actually succeed by rebranding themselves as performance artists and getting commissions from arts organizations. Since then the “wacky provincial opera company,” now calling itself just Squonk, has been a regular at artsy events all over the world, but especially the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

    Jackie Dempsey
    Jackie Dempsey, keyboards, is one of the two original members of Squonk. Steve O’Hearn, who plays a variety of implausible wind instruments, is the other.

    Squonk will be performing Hand to Hand on Sunday, June 11, at 2:00 p.m. and again at 4:00 p.m. They claim that these are the world’s largest puppet hands, and who is going to argue?

  • Three Rivers Arts Festival

    Arts Festival on Penn Avenue

    This year the Arts Festival has taken over Penn Avenue and cross streets in the Cultural District.