Tag: Smithfield Street

  • Gargoyle on the Marine Bank Building

    Frederick Osterling designed the small but splendid Marine Bank Building on Smithfield Street at Third Avenue. This gargoyle on the corner is old Pa Pitt’s favorite gargoyle in Pittsburgh.

  • Spire of the Smithfield United Church of Christ

    The first structural use of aluminum was this ornate tracery spire on the Smithfield Congregational Church by Henry Hornbostel. Unfortunately the decorative stamped concrete that covers the rest of the church is crumbling, and it will cost millions to repair. The church has been shrouded in mesh for years now, but the spire still proudly catches the early-morning sun.

  • Brutalist Spiral on Smithfield Street

    This concrete spiral on the Smithfield Street side of the Smithfield-Liberty Garage is certainly a striking addition to the streetscape. Whether it is a good addition may be left to other critics. Father Pitt’s own opinion is that it would be welcome on a street of other modernist buildings, but it harmonizes poorly with its Victorian neighbors.

    Old Pa Pitt sometimes wonders what the architect told the client when he presented the plans. “It’s like a Guggenheim for cars,” he imagines the architect saying.

  • Triangle Building

    The aptly named Triangle Building fills the small triangle of space left over from the awkward intersection of Liberty Avenue, Seventh Avenue, and Smithfield Street. It was originally known, it seems, as the McCance Block.