The Skyline in 1994

Skyline of Pittsburgh

When he took pictures of two halves of the skyline on Ektachrome film in 1994, old Pa Pitt had no notion of stitching them together. But it was an easy thing to do with our fancy 21st-century technology.

Several prominent buildings have gone up since this picture was taken almost three decades ago, but the only one that makes a great difference in the appearance of the skyline is the Tower at PNC Plaza, which fills in a gap in the skyline just where a gap needed filling.

Skyline from the West End Overlook

Skyline from the West End Overlook

Downtown in autumn light with autumnal colors, as seen from the West End Overlook in Elliott.

Like most of old Pa Pitt’s pictures, these are donated to Wikimedia Commons. If you go to the Commons hosting page for the very wide picture above (you may have to push the “More details” button), you can see that Father Pitt has made use of one of Wikimedia Commons’ clever features. Hover over the picture, and you will see yellow rectangles; hover over those, and labels will appear for prominent landmarks.