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  • Skinny Building Restored Again

    Since PNC bought the Skinny Building, arguably the world’s narrowest commercial building, it has been shrouded and under renovation. The shrouds are off now, and we can see the results.

  • Skinny Building Under Wraps

    Skinny Building shrouded

    The Skinny Building and its neighbor the Roberts Building have been bought by PNC. Here they are shrouded for renovation work. The last old Pa Pitt heard, PNC was planning on displaying art in the upper windows of the Skinny Building.

  • Skinny Building in Black and White

    Skinny Building

    The exceedingly improbable Skinny Building, which is five feet eight inches deep, seen in wintry December light. The picture was taken two years ago, but Father Pitt didn’t like the harsh lighting and high contrast in the original picture. Looking at it again just recently, he thought perhaps the lighting could be made into the subject of the picture if it were a black-and-white picture.

    The building has been sold to PNC, which plans to display art in the upper floors.