Seldom Seen Arch

The Wabash Railroad built this picturesque structure to carry its line over Saw Mill Run and the little lane that led back into the village of Seldom Seen.

Archaeology in Saw Mill Run

Like many streams in the city, Saw Mill Run is full of debris. But it is very interesting debris. If you enlarge the picture, you can see bricks of multiple types, bits of glass, broken plates, and other evidence of the long-vanished village of Shalerville. For the urban archaeologist, Seldom Seen is a rich treasury.

Seldom Seen Arch in an Artsy Way

Seldom Seen Arch vignetted in black and white

This was an attempt to make a modern digital photo look like a nineteenth-century art photograph. Note the rock climbers preparing to climb the stone wall.

Celandine Carpet in Seldom Seen

Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna or Ranunculus ficaria) may be an invasive species, but it certainly makes the stream valleys gay in the spring.