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  • Back-Channel Span of the Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge

    Seen from West Carson Street. This railroad bridge crosses the Ohio at Brunot Island, and therefore has two main spans; we also have pictures of the front-channel span and a view of the whole bridge from the north shore.

  • Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge

    Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge

    The Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge was built in 1915, and it still carries freight. It crosses the Ohio at Brunot Island, so that there are two main spans, one for the front channel and one for the only slightly narrower back channel. This is the front-channel span.

    Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge
    Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge
  • Brunot Island

    Brunot Island

    Brunot Island, or Brunot’s Island, or Brunots Island, because the Board on Geographic Names “does not recognize the use of the possessive apostrophe,” as Wikipedia puts it (Father Pitt would be willing to explain it to them if they would like to make an appointment), is the first island in the Ohio downstream from Pittsburgh. It was once the home of Dr. Felix Brunot, who built an estate there in the late 1700s, and saw it washed away in a flood in 1811. Now it is home to the Brunot Island Generating Station, and it is inaccessible except by water, by railroad, or by a private pedestrian walkway for the workers at the power plant. These views were taken from the north shore of the Ohio.

    Power plant
  • West End Bridge

    West End Bridge

    Viewed from the West End Overlook during early evening rush hour.

  • A Lot of Bridges

    West End Bridge

    Above: the West End Bridge over the Ohio, with the Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge behind it, and the McKees Rocks Bridge behind that. Below, the Allegheny, with the Fort Duquesne Bridge, the Three Sisters, the Fort Wayne railroad bridge, the Veterans Bridge, and the Sixteenth Street Bridge. For extra credit, see if you can point out the Twenty-Eighth Street Bridge. (Click on the picture to make it very big.)

    Allegheny River
  • Carnegie Science Center

    And its pet submarine, the USS Requin.