Tag: Obelisks

  • Ancient Graveyard, Mighty Oak

    A tree seldom gets a good chance to spread out and be itself this way, but this splendid oak has been allowed to dominate the old St. Clair Cemetery, a burying-ground in Mount Lebanon where many of the early settlers of the South Hills are buried.

    You can find more of the St. Clair Cemetery in Father Pitt’s Pittsburgh Cemeteries.

  • Obelisk at PPG Place on a Summer Morning

    The obelisk rests on four spheres like cannonballs; Peter Leo used to call it the Tomb of the Unknown Bowler.

  • Kerr Monument, Trinity Churchyard

    Hidden on the left side of the cathedral is a narrow arm of the churchyard with a few old monuments, with the massive bulk of the Oliver Building towering over them. Most people who visit Trinity Churchyard never find their way to this side of it, but it’s worth a few moments of contemplation.

  • W. J. Kountz Obelisk, Allegheny Cemetery


    Cemeteries in Pittsburgh are littered with obelisks. Let us agree that, in this post-Freudian era, we have no need of the facile explanation that occurs to the snickering schoolchild in each one of us, and admit that a lofty obelisk can be a grand symbol of heavenward aspiration.