Reflection of the Union National Bank Building

Union National Bank building reflected

The top of the Union National Bank Building (now the Carlyle luxury apartments) reflected in the Patterson Building.

Entrance to the Union National Building

Entrance to the Union National Building

This is very definitely a corner building, and architects MacClure and Spahr made the corner the most identifiable thing about it. That curved corner runs all the way up to the top, and the main entrance is right on the corner of Fourth and Wood.

Notice the capitals on those prominent columns. How do you adapt square Doric capitals to a fairly tight curve? Making them octagonal is a solution that might have given Vitruvius a stroke, but works very well in this context.

The building is now luxury apartments under the name “The Carlyle.”

John P. Robin Civic Building

Entrance to the John P. Robin Civic Building

Built in 1907, this small skyscraper (originally the Jones & Laughlin Building) was just barely spared by the Boulevard of the Allies a decade and a half later. It was designed by the always-tasteful McClure & Spahr in the restrained Gothic style popular in the early twentieth century.

Union National Bank Building

The architects, McClure and Spahr, gave this classical tower an unusual rounded corner, and drew attention to the main entrance by placing it in that corner.