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  • Liberty Bridge

    Liberty Bridge

    One of many bridges around here designed by George S. Richardson, the Liberty Bridge opened in 1928, connecting the Liberty Tubes (which had opened four years earlier) directly to downtown. Here we see it from the south shore of the Mon.

    Longer view of the Liberty Bridge
    One span of the Liberty Bridge
  • City of Bridges

    Bridges over the Mon

    Nearest to farthest: Liberty Bridge, Panhandle Bridge, Smithfield Street Bridge, Fort Pitt Bridge, West End Bridge.

    Bridges again
    These are bridges
  • Bridges on the Monongahela

    Monongahela River at Pittsburgh

    The Panhandle Bridge, in the foreground, carries trolleys across the Monongahela River. Behind that, the Liberty Bridge; then the Tenth Street Bridge; and in the distance, the Birmingham Bridge. Below, a slightly different framing of the same view.

  • Infrastructure

    Trusswork under the Liberty Bridge

    Trusswork under the north end of the Liberty Bridge.