Tag: Hibiscus syriacus

  • Bee Movie

    That pun works better in conversation than in print, but here is a movie of bees pollinating Hibiscus syriacus flowers, set to the music of Adolph Krantz. You can go to the Wikimedia Commons hosting page for the HD version.

  • Rose of Sharon Gone to Seed

    Roses of Sharon produce flowers all through the summer and fall, and the flowers each produce a pod of seeds like this. Thus the bush spreads in the city. Its favorite habitat is along fences and among hedges, where the lawn mower won’t get it; in fact, it is very good at taking over entire hedges gradually, until the hedge is nothing but Rose of Sharon. To be fair to the plant, Rose of Sharon makes a very good hedge with very attractive flowers, so you may just want to let it take over.

  • Roses of Sharon

    Roses of Sharon are literally weeds in the city, though often planted as ornamentals. The colors are quite variable when they grow from seed. These were all volunteer seedlings that grew into prosperous bushes.