Famous Biscuit Sign, Uptown

Ghost signs preserve history otherwise forgotten. Who remembers the Famous Biscuit company? In this case, the sign also preserves another bit of history that might escape the casual observer. It faces east on Forbes Avenue, thus serving as a memorial of a time when Forbes Avenue Uptown was a two-way street.

Thos. E. Morgan Sign, Main Street, Carnegie

Thomas E. Morgan, a Civil War veteran, was a big deal in Carnegie, a member of the local Grand Army of the Republic post, on the board of a local bank, and proprietor of a general store.

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Beckert Seed & Bulb Co.

This old sign is still fairly clear on the back of a peculiarly triangular building on Liberty Avenue. You can see it from the Diamond; it’s just off Forbes Avenue over the little alley called Delray Street.

Layers of History

A change of tenants in this Victorian building on Liberty Avenue reveals an earlier layer of signs—one that makes old Pa Pitt wax nostalgic. For many years there was a Foto Hut here. Foto Hut was a chain of photography stores where amateur photographers could get all the basics for photography—including, of course, film and film developing. Digital photography is much cheaper, but Father Pitt still misses film.

Katsafanas Coffee Sign

The Katsafanas Coffee Co. has been gone for many years, but this sign still looks fresh on its old building on North Avenue.