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  • Frick Park Gatehouse

    Frick Park gatehouse

    This looks exactly like the gateway to a world of sylvan rest and rustic pleasure that it was meant to be. In passing we note that the gatehouse is actually a building, with a room on either side of the gate: we used to have staff to sit here and tend to park visitors’ needs.

    Front of the gatehouse

    The architect was a big deal for such a small structure: John Russell Pope. He had some famous commissions in Washington (that’s Big Worshington to residents of the South Hills): the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art, Constitution Hall, and the National Archives, among other buildings. In Pittsburgh he is best known for the colossal Winter mausoleum at Allegheny Cemetery.

    Map showing the location of this gatehouse.

  • Imagine Spring

    Every once in a great while, old Pa Pitt attempts something artistic. In this case, he was deliberately imitating with his camera the effect of a painting in the collection of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Biches dans une forêt de sapins by Gustave Doré (better known these days for his book illustrations). Obviously the landscape of this hillside in Frick Park is very different from the stream valley in Doré’s painting, but old Pa Pitt was pleased with the effect of the light and the colors.

  • Rustic Bench in Frick Park