Engine House Fifty-Seven, Brookline

Firehouse in Brookline

A firehouse that looks like the Platonic ideal of a firehouse. The tower commands a view that must extend for miles: not only is the tower itself tall, but the station is built at the crest of a hill.

Engine Company No. 28, Shadyside

A large classical firehouse with its front on Filbert Street and a long, well-designed side on Elmer Street.

The Filbert Street front.

Arms of the city of Pittsburgh, on the left side of the front.

Arms of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on the right side of the front.

The Elmer Street side looks like an Italian Renaissance palace.

Engine House Fifty-Seven

Brookline firehouse

A firehouse that looks very much like a firehouse, this was built in 1910, when the neighborhood was young, at a high point from which a fireman in the tower could see for miles.

Brookline firehouse

Engine Company No. 3

This fine old firehouse on Arch Street, a city-designated historic structure, is exactly what you think of when you think of a firehouse. It’s been empty for some time, but its Central Northside neighborhood is growing more and more fashionable among restoration fanatics, and scaffolding inside suggests that the old firehouse will not be empty much longer.

Map The firehouse is on the southeast corner of Arch Street and Jacksonia Street. Behind it is the aptly named Fireman Way.