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  • A Snowy Day in Beechview

    Dagmar Avenue in the snow

    Old Pa Pitt would like to tell you that he climbed a tree in the howling wind just to get these pictures for you, but he would be pulling your leg. They were taken from the walkway of the Fallowfield streetcar viaduct.

    Walkway on the Fallowfield viaduct
    Alton Street

    If architecture is frozen music, then utility cables are the surface noise on a worn shellac record.

  • Walkway on the Fallowfield Viaduct, Beechview

    Walkway on the Fallowfield viaduct in Beechview

    The Fallowfield viaduct is an important transportation link, both for streetcars and for feet. It connects central Beechview to the streets on the next hill over. But old Pa Pitt admits that he publishes this photograph, not because it is useful and educational, but simply because the lines and colors made an interesting composition.