Tag: Amateis (Edmond)

  • Fountain in Richard B. Mellon’s Garden

    Fountain of light pink westerly granite, R. B. Mellon Estate

    Courtesy of the New England Granite Works, a picture of the fountain in the Mellons’ Walled Garden shows us a little of what the garden, now part of Mellon Park, looked like when the Mellons lived there. The sculpture on the fountain is the work of Edmond Amateis, and the fountain has been beautifully restored for the delight of visitors to the park.

  • Fountain in Mellon Park

    The sculptures on this whimsical fountain are by Edmond Amateis. The fountain has been carefully restored so that all the spouts are working again, and it looks almost as fresh as when it was installed at the Mellon estate.
  • Fountain in Mellon Park

    Edmond Amateis was the sculptor who created this whimsical fountain for the Mellon estate. These pictures were taken in November of 2008 with a Kodak Retinette.

  • Maiden Statues by Edmond Amateis in the Broderie

    These three maidens by Edmond Amateis originally stood in the walled garden on the Mellon estate, now Mellon Park, where Mr. Amateis also designed the fountain. They left empty niches behind them, but they have been happy here in Phipps for years, where they are a charming feature of the Broderie.

    Camera: Olympus E-20n.