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  • Eclectic Styles on the North Side of Hobart Street, Squirrel Hill

    North side of Hobart Street

    Earlier we looked at the buildings on the south side of Hobart Street in this block and discovered that Spanish Mission and Tudor were the same thing, barring a few tweaks of the ornamentation. The buildings on the north side of the same block are at about the same scale, but they are a more eclectic bunch. Sometimes the individual building is about as eclectic as it can be.

    German Jacobethan Spanish Mission

    Above, for example, you see one in a style old Pa Pitt calls German Jacobethan Spanish Mission.

    Spanish Mission

    This one, on the other hand, is so thoroughly Spanish Mission that residents ought to be required to wear Franciscan tunics.

    Entrance to Hobart Commons
    Spanish Mission apartments

    The one above is quite eclectic, but it harmonizes its influences seamlessly.


    This modernized Tudor conveys its architectural message with textured and patterned brickwork as well as the usual half-timbering.