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  • More Front Doors of the South Side

    Front door

    Another small celebration of the varieties of woodwork to be found on South Side houses.

    This is also a front door
    Another front door
    Now here we have a front door
    It looks like a front door to me
    Probably a front door
    If we had to guess, we should say this was a front door
    A very modest front door
    King Charles IV of Spain, cunningly disguised as a front door
    A front door
  • Front Door on Sarah Street

  • Front Doors of the South Side

    The famous Victorian front doors of the South Side are featured on posters and in picture books on coffee tables all over western Pennsylvania. There is an endless variety to the woodwork on these South Side rowhouses. Old Pa Pitt was out walking on the South Side and decided to concentrate on doors: here is the collection he made in just half an hour’s stroll. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

    Many of these doorways have decorative stained-glass transoms over the door, often with the address worked into the glass:

    Of course, no collection of South Side front doors would be complete without a Kool Vent awning on an alley house: