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  • Dithridge Towers, Oakland

    Dithridge Towers

    Built in 1929, this eight-storey apartment tower has a newer ninth floor sheathed in what appears to be corrugated metal. Father Pitt has some advice for architects contemplating asymmetrical additions with cheap materials to symmetrical Renaissance palaces like this:

    Like several other apartment buildings in the area, this one is festooned with grotesque whimsies.

    Rear section

    The rear section has a bay rising the entire height of the building, with a corrugated-metal hat on top.

    Addendum: A kind correspondent has found an advertisement for the Dithridge Apartments when they were new, which supplies us with a definite date (1929; they were to be ready for occupancy in April) and shows us the building as it looked before the top was altered.

    Dithridge Apartments, in the social, educational and art center of Pittsburgh
    From the Pittsburgh Press, March 17, 1929.