Tag: Diamond

  • Tower Two-Sixty

    Tower Two-Sixty

    The blockish Tower Two-Sixty looms over the little human-sized buildings on the Diamond.

  • Fifth Avenue Place from the Diamond

    Fifth Avenue Place looms over the DFiamond

    Fifth Avenue Place looms over the low human-sized buildings on the Diamond.

  • View Across the Diamond

    View across the Diamond

    A wintry view across the Diamond or Market Square, with the Pittsburgh National Bank Building (One PNC Plaza), the U. S. Steel Tower, the Tower at PNC Plaza, and Tower Two-Sixty looming behind the square.

  • Three Gateway Center from the Diamond

    Three Gateway Center looms in the mist of a winter morning.

  • One of the Oldest Buildings Downtown

    Pittsburgh is a colonial-era city, but downtown has been rebuilt so many times that not much is left from before the Civil War. This building probably dates from the late 1840s, making it one of the oldest remaining downtown. It probably came after the Great Fire of 1845, but it appears in this engraving of the Diamond as it appeared before 1852, which was the year the old courthouse in the middle was torn down.

    The building in the background, with smoke rising from its chimneys, is clearly meant to be this one. There are eleven columns of windows in the engraving instead of the nine columns of windows we see today, but old Pa Pitt suspects the engraver was working from a rough sketch and simply gave us his best guess.

  • West Side of the Diamond

    The west side of the Diamond or Market Square, looking down Graeme Street toward Fifth Avenue.