Tag: Destroyed

  • Lanark Street, Fineview, in 1994

    Lanark Street, Finevier

    Most of the houses along the right are gone now, perhaps destroyed by a fire; one of the remnants has been so tastelessly mutilated that destruction might have been kinder. There is now a little park with an overlook at the bottom of this street. Fineview is an odd Pittsburgh phenomenon: a working-class neighborhood with cheap houses and magnificent views. In most other cities, the views would have driven house prices into the astronomical range, and houses would be destroyed to be replaced with luxury condos instead of vacant lots. But Pittsburgh has so many magnificent views that the demand simply cannot outpace the supply—at least not yet.

    Lanark Street, Fineview
  • Old Church in Spring Hill

    One of old Pa Pitt’s many regrets is that he did not buy this old church on Rhine Street in Spring Hill, merely to preserve its unique Art Nouveau façade. Behind the façade was a pedestrian frame building clinging to the side of the hill, but the façade itself was not quite like anything else in Pittsburgh. This picture was taken in 1999; the church was demolished some time after 2016, when the abandoned hulk still appears in Google Street View. The stained glass probably still exists somewhere; it was removed before the building was demolished.


  • Three Rivers Stadium

    From old Pa Pitt’s archives, a picture of Three Rivers Stadium as it appeared in 2001. It was probably taken with a Russian twin-lens-reflex camera called a Lubitel, which was cheap but capable.