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  • Some Houses on Cordova Road, Highland Park

    1328 Cordova Road
    Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3.

    We’ve already seen two of the houses on Cordova Road: the Lillian Henius house and the Mother Goose cottage designed by Theodore Eichholz. The whole neighborhood of Highland Park is a historic district, and Cordova Road, short as it is, gives us a good sampling of a wide variety of architecture. This charming cottage is modest but unique.

    Canon PowerShot SX150 IS.

    Here is a double house with Craftsman-style porch pillars decorated with a bit of Art Nouveau trim.

    1318 and 1320
    1318 and 1320 from the front

    A sophisticated little Craftsman-style cottage.


    This house stands somewhere near the intersection of Colonial, Renaissance, and modern.

  • Lillian Henius House, Highland Park

    Lillian Henius house

    Built in 1918, this very artistic house was designed for an artist by Kiehnel & Elliott, who applied everything Richard Kiehnel had learned from the German Jugendstil masters and made a kind of modernist Bavarian peasant cottage. Kiehnel & Elliott were among our most interesting early modernists; they would go on to make architectural history by introducing Art Deco to Miami.