Tag: Christmas

  • Merry Christmas

    Transept entrance to St. Paul’s Cathedral

    Transept entrance to St. Paul’s Cathedral, with Christmas wreaths flanking it.

  • Skating at PPG Place

  • Last of the Fall Colors

    Christmas tree at Fourth and Smithfield

    In the suburbs the trees are mostly bare, but some trees in sheltered spots downtown are still in the process of changing. This is a little parklet next to the Dollar Bank building on Fourth Avenue.

  • Skating Rink at PPG Place

    Skating rink at PPG Place

    This year’s Christmas tree lights up in animated falling-snowflake patterns.

  • White Christmas

    Above: Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) under a Christmas snow. Below: English ivy (Hedera helix).

  • Light Up Night, 1998

    Luminarias surround the obelisk on PPG Plaza. We had to forgo Light Up Night this year, but it will be back when large crowds closely packed seem like less of a threat.

  • Horne’s Christmas Tree in Afternoon Sun

    Once again the season has arrived to decorate the corner of the old Horne’s department store. Though the store is long gone, the current owners of the building keep up the ancient tradition.

  • Christmas at the SouthSide Works

    The Town Square at the SouthSide Works, decorated for Christmas. The SouthSide Works Cinema is a good imitation of an Art Deco neighborhood movie house, though the Deco entrance leads to a modern multiplex.

  • The Horne’s Christmas Tree

    For decades the corner of Horne’s department store was made into a gigantic Christmas tree every year. Though Horne’s is long gone, the current owners of the building have kept up the tradition, and for good reason. There would be riots in the streets if the tree failed to appear.

  • Wreath at the Fifth Avenue Place Arcade

    Fifth Avenue Place replaced the beloved Jenkins Arcade, and in order to soothe the feelings of appalled Pittsburghers the new skyscraper included a shopping arcade in the lower floors, connected by a pedestrian bridge to the Horne’s department store. It was very successful early on, and even now, with Horne’s long gone, it manages to keep most of the storefronts filled. For Christmas the colossal clock over the Liberty Avenue entrance is surrounded by a colossal wreath.