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  • Jazz-Age Fun in Police Court

    Pittsburghers have always loved party boats on the river. And parties have always been liable to get out of hand. Ninety-nine years ago, one such incident attracted the attention of the Press police-court correspondent. In those days, it was considered a reasonable exercise of liberty of the press to report the doings in police court with a bit of sarcasm and a little cartoon, so here is your Police Court Sketch for today from Elmer Rigdon.

    —From the Pittsburgh Press, October 3, 1925, page 4. Transcribed below.

  • Cy Hungerford Reacts to Coolidge’s Announcement

    Calvin Coolidge announced that he would not run for a third term in typically laconic Coolidge fashion: “I do not choose to run for President in 1928.” Pittsburgh’s great Cy Hungerford imagines why he might not want that third term. This cartoon came from a microfilm copy of the Post-Gazette; we have made some adjustments to make it look more like what Hungerford originally drew.

  • Cy Hungerford on the Sacco-Vanzetti Case

    The Trick Is to Keep Balanced—By Hungerford

    Cy Hungerford was a Pittsburgh legend. He drew editorial cartoons for more than seventy years, fifty of those years for the Post-Gazette. In this cartoon from August 11, 1927, he depicts poor Uncle Sam walking a tightrope labeled “The Sacco-Vanzetti Case” over Niagara Falls. Old Pa Pitt took this cartoon from a microfilm archive and cleaned it up quite a bit, so that it looks more like Hungerford’s original drawing and less like a scratched and grubby microfilm. It is out of copyright in the United States, so anyone can use it. In countries where copyright depends on the life of the author, be aware that Hungerford lived till 1983. It is very unlikely that his estate will worry about someone using his cartoons in Luxembourg or Malaysia, but old Pa Pitt, who is based in the United States, is not responsible for foreign copyright laws.