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  • Pile of Belgian Block

    Belgian block set aside at a hole-digging project in a street in Oakland. What Pittsburgh needs is more holes in streets.

  • Belgian Block on Mount Washington

    Norton Way

    Norton Way, a Belgian-block alley on Mount Washington. Note the drainage channel in the middle; it is probably not necessary to mention that this is a steep slope.

    Belgian block
    More Belgian block
    Yet more Belgian block
    Norton Way
  • Belgian Block

    Belgian Block

    A surprising number of Pittsburgh streets are still paved with Belgian block, which Pittsburghers usually call “cobblestone.” (Real cobblestones are irregular round stones.) In some better neighborhoods, all the streets were paved with Belgian block. In other neighborhoods, more-or-less flat sections were paved with brick, which is much cheaper but very slippery when wet, and the more expensive Belgian block was reserved for steep slopes.

    This pavement is on Elgin Street in Highland Park.