Tag: Alleys

  • Wrights Way

    Wrights Way, 2400 block

    Two blocks of alley houses on Wrights Way, South Side.

    2400 block
    2300 block
  • Alley House

    A charming little house in an out-of-the-way alley on the South Side.

  • Strawberry Way

  • Church Converted to Alley Houses, South Side

    From the blocked-up Gothic windows and general shape, we can infer that this was a small church. But at some point not very recently it was converted to four tiny alley houses, made only slightly less tiny by the addition of what are probably kitchens on the back.

  • Composition with Utility Cables

    An alley on the South Side, taken in 2008 with a Kodak Retinette.

  • Larkins Way—or Alley

    Larkins Way

    Looking east from 22nd Street.

    It is a peculiarity of Pittsburgh that the city has no alleys. Of course this is not true in any meaningful sense, except one: that no alley is officially called an alley on planning maps. They are usually called “Way,” or sometimes “Street,” and one or two are probably “Avenues.”

    However, there was a time when Pittsburgh dared to call an alley an alley, as we can see from the old Larkins Alley sign on the back of St. Casimir’s Church.

    Larkins Alley sign

  • Alley Houses

    Carey Way on the South Side, between 18th and 19th Streets.

  • Back End of the South Side Flats

    Edwards Way is the very edge of the South Side Flats. The greenery-covered wall on the left is the stone retaining wall below the railroad that separates the Flats from the Slopes. Of course this tiny narrow space is nevertheless too valuable to leave unbuilt, so the free side of the alley is lined with typical South Side alley houses.