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  • Bridges at Night

    Sixth Street Bridge

    The Three Sisters bridges have a new lighting scheme. Above, the Roberto Clemente or Sixth Street Bridge; below, the Andy Warhol or Seventh Street Bridge.

    Seventh Street Bridge
  • Downtown from the North Shore

  • Rachel Carson Bridge

    Ninth Street Bridge, Pittsburgh

    The Ninth Street or Rachel Carson Bridge: above, from the Downtown end; below, from the end of the Seventh Street or Andy Warhol Bridge.

    Rachel Carson Bridge
  • Fort Duquesne Bridge

    Fort Duquesne Bridge

    With November colors in Point State Park.

    The bridge again
    From a slightly different angle
  • Smallman Street

    Smallman Street

    Smallman Street in the Strip changes over time, but it keeps its traditional link with the food business. The Strip became the wholesale-food district because the Pennsylvania Railroad unloaded the culinary treasures of the earth here. Today those treasures arrive mostly by truck.

    The glory of Smallman Street is the broad plaza from 16th to 21st Streets, leading to St. Stanislaus Kostka, the mother church of Polish Catholicism in Pittsburgh, and one of Frederick Sauer’s most distinguished works.

    Smallman Street
  • Sixteenth Street Bridge

    Sixteenth Street Bridge

    The architectural aspects of the Sixteenth Street Bridge, now named for David McCullough, were designed by Warren and Wetmore, the architects of Grand Central Station in New York.

  • 31st Street Bridge

    31st Street Bridge

    In order to line up with the street grid of the Strip, the 31st Street Bridge has an odd kink at the south end. Here we see it from Wiggins Street, Polish Hill.

  • What’s Left of the Manchester Bridge

    The Manchester Bridge connected the Point with the North Side until 1969. When it was taken down, it left one looming black stone pier on the North Shore. After it had loomed for decades, architect Lou Astorino came up with the idea of transforming it into a memorial for Fred Rogers, with a colossal statue by Robert Berks framed by an oval cutout. Here we see the pier from across the river in Point Park.

  • Heinz Field

  • Fort Duquesne Bridge