Pittsburgh Firefighter’s Federal Credit Union

A small but very tasteful building on the most prominent corner in the West End. The lower floor has had a modernist makeover, but the upper floors retain the original carefully balanced symmetry.

Old Church in the West End

Now a sports bar, so it has been converted to a different religion.

Walbridge Street, West End

Looking up Walbridge Street from Main Street in the West End.

West End Savings Bank & Trust Co.

In classical times, worshipers deposited their money in temples, leaving it under the protection of the god. In neoclassical times, banks were built in the form of classical temples, but the only god was money itself.

Art Deco in the West End

Few Pittsburghers from between the rivers ever find their way into the West End, but there are some minor architectural treasures to be seen there. This interesting terra-cotta front faces Main Street at the corner of Wabash Street.