Built for a prosperous doctor, this house was designed by Longfellow and Harlow (soon to be Longfellow, Alden, and Harlow), and shows the restrained good taste that would be the hallmark of the firm’s work for decades. Although it is technically on the Squirrel Hill side of the street, socially this house forms part of the Shadyside millionaires’ row along Fifth Avenue.

Fountain in Mellon Park

The sculptures on this whimsical fountain are by Edmond Amateis. The fountain has been carefully restored so that all the spouts are working again, and it looks almost as fresh as when it was installed at the Mellon estate.

Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic

A kind of cartoon castle, the main building of Central Catholic is technically in Squirrel Hill, though most Pittsburghers would probably say “Oakland.” The building was put up in 1927; the architect was Edward J. Weber.

Hamerschlag Hall

Hamerschlag Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, seen from the Carnegie Museum parking garage.

Fountain in Mellon Park

Edmond Amateis was the sculptor who created this whimsical fountain for the Mellon estate. These pictures were taken in November of 2008 with a Kodak Retinette.