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  • Chartiers Hill United Presbyterian Church in 1999

    Chartiers Hill Church

    The congregation was founded in 1775 by John McMillan; this building was put up in 1840. These pictures were taken with an Argus C3 in 1999. Three years later, while renovation work was in progress, the whole tower end collapsed.

    Chartiers Hill cemetery
    Old front

    The lens on Father Pitt’s old C3 didn’t like being pointed toward the sun, so we have a bit of glare in this picture; but it does show us the old front before it collapsed. It was replaced with a new front, somewhat different but in sympathy with the building, as we see in this picture from 2015.

    New front
  • Chartiers Hill United Presbyterian Church

    A congregation near Canonsburg founded in Revolutionary times by John McMillan, “the Apostle of Presbyterianism in the West.” He preached here for decades, and his grave is here in the old churchyard, along with graves of many other early settlers.

    The current building dates from 1840, with extensive renovations in 2002. While the renovations were in progress, the whole front fell down, so that everything you see on the side with the bell tower and entrance is new.

    Update: Father Pitt has found some old pictures of Chartiers Hill Church he took in 1999, when the old front was still standing

    Camera: Olympus E-20n.