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Two Rows on Galveston Avenue, Allegheny West

1011–1021 Galveston Avenue

Two rows of houses, both in the Italianate style, but at different scales.

1009 and 1011 Galveston Avenue

These more modest houses are, in form, the typical Pittsburgh city house of the nineteenth century. They are raised above the common herd by Italianate detailing, such as the cornice brackets and elaborate entrances.

1105–1011 Galveston Avenue
1011 Galveston Avenue
1013–1021 Galveston Avenue

These taller and grander houses share many of the same stylistic traits as their smaller neighbors, but they have full third floors, and everything is of a slightly higher grade, including the arched windows and transom over the front door.

1021 Galveston Avenue
Front door
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