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House and Carriage House in Allegheny West

823 North Lincoln Avenue

The house above faces Lincoln Avenue, a street in Allegheny West where several of the houses had carriage houses on the alley behind. And indeed, if we go around to the alley, or actually to the intersection of two alleys, we find this:

820 Chapel Way

It certainly looks like an old carriage house, but it is as big as the house on Lincoln Avenue. Old Pa Pitt is not quite sure about the history of these two buildings. The house may have been built as early as the 1860s, although it was probably altered later; the carriage house appears to date from the 1880s, and in 1890 it appears as owned separately from the main house: the owner is marked as H. Phipps Jr., whereas the house is owned by F. Hubley. But on the copy of the 1890 map we saw on line, the two owners are crossed out and a single owner substituted in pencil.

Intersection of Chapel Alley and Rope Alley

Thereafter, the house and carriage house are under the same ownership.


This iron gate brings a little bit of the Middle Ages to the back alleys of Allegheny West.

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