Father Pitt

Why should the beautiful die?

Commercial Building in Mount Oliver

There are many ways to modernize an old storefront and keep in sympathy with the architecture of the building. Let us label this one incorrect. It was doubtless touted as a quality job by the contractor. But this is why there are architects as well as builders: because the people who are good at putting things together are not always the people who are good at deciding how things ought to be put together.

The upper two floors of the building are still in remarkably good classical taste. The pediment has been filled in with some kind of siding—who thought ribbed siding would look better than a plain flat surface?—but the ornamental details of the windows and pilasters are still in good shape. It would not take a huge investment to make a tastefully modern front for the ground floor that would not fight the upper storeys with every weapon available to architecture.

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